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     The 27 Classes In " How To Sell Your Art Without Selling Out" Course

1. What price point sells best?
    This is perhaps the number one question I receive from artists from around the world...How to
    price their work. This class addresses this in a manner that you will know exactly how to price
    your work for the most profits. There is a science and art to doing this and it will be covered in
    this part of the course.

2. One of a kind pieces, production work or combination of both?
    In this class I will go into detail about the strategies involved in creating artwork for different
    scenarios. Which method is most profitable and how to orient your work to be profitable in all arenas.
    By understanding how to create your work in "multiples" you will be well on your way to developing a 
    profitable line of artwork.

3. Limited Edition Pieces- Detailed Explanation & Implementation
    I really like teaching this class because it is a subject that most well known artists don't talk much about. 
    They all use this technique and make really good money doing it. Now it is yours to understand!

4. Signing Pieces for Extra Profits
    If you apply the information in this class you can see your work double or perhaps triple in price.
    This class will expose you to a method of increasing the value of your work by just adding a signature.
    I go over why you want to do this and how.

5. How to Sell Wholesale
    This method of selling your art can be just what you're looking for. Many artists sell this way.
    This class will go thru whether it will be right for you and how to do it right should you want to try.

6. Creating Pieces for Other Artists to Use in Their Work, ie: jewelry pieces
    Most artists never consider doing "piece work" to sell to other artists. There is a BIG market for
    this type of work. After you go thru this class you may just find yourself diving into this lucrative
    line of artwork. This is one of those strategies that is so easy that most people wouldn't even
    think of it. But, there are lots of artists that are making their living doing just this technique alone.

7. Selling to Galleries on Your Terms
    The title says it all. I have helped many artists get into galleries. The techniques and tips you learn
    in this section of the course will do the same for you. Approaching and entering galleries is an
    "art" (pun intended), do it right and you decide where your work is displayed. This class will give
    you the leg up on the process.

8. Weekend Art shows
    This is one of the best classes in the whole course and I'm really excited to deliver this section
    to you! Once you go thru this class and apply the material you will now have the tools to sell
    everything that you make. This class alone is worth the entire price of the course. You're going to love it!

9.   Creating Art Freebies to Use as Your Business Card
      This is a really cool technique that I use very often...give stuff away! On the surface, most artists
      think that I lost my mind on this one. Why would you give art away? Well I never said I give away
      my good work did I? I found a way to give away my "scraps" in a way that people want to buy my
      more expensive pieces. Think of it as an appetizer for the meal. By you establishing some sort of
      exchange with a prospect, they naturally want to reciprocate the other words they want
      to buy something from you. This class will go over the dynamics on how to do this. You will like this one!

10. Creating Art for Businesses
      I have a lot of artists tell me that after they go thru this section they have decided to make this
      their full time pursuit. Creating work for businesses can be very lucrative...knowing which
      businesses to pursue is one of the keys. This class will cover that and more.

11. Creating Your Art for Niche Applications, ie: hobbies, animal   enthusiasts,
      car collectors, sports, professions
There are thousands and thousands of specialized Niche hobbyists who are extremely passionate
      about their interests. These people tend to buy everything and anything they can get their hands
      on when it relates to their "Niche". This section of the course teaches you specific ways how to
      find these areas of interest and how to develop artwork to sell to these zealots.

12. Commission work
      Many artists love doing commission or custom work. It can be extremely profitable or very
      costly...depending on how you price your work. Doing it correctly from the "get go" is the key.
      This class will share with you some insights on how to do it.

13. Creating a Series to Create a HUGE Business
      This strategy has been one of the most successful which I use to sell my glass artwork.
      I know that you will find it beneficial as well!

14. Creating Theme  Work
      This is a cool class! You will learn some "outta the box" steps to increase the value and
      longevity of your artwork so you can sell it again and again. It is like a money machine and
      you decide when and how long to turn it on for. Apply the information in this class to your own
      line of art and watch your sales grow. This is very easy to do once you learn the basics.

15. Creating & Selling Art for Special Events
      I have not met an artist that could not apply this material to their work. You just need to
      "think outta the box". My goal for this class is to get you way outside of that box! After sitting in
      on this class you will be able to create art at will for upcoming events. This class will show you how.
      I know many artists that use this as a primary means to sell all of their work. It is extremely
      profitable and believe me there are enough events throughout the year to tie your art sales to.
      Your mind will be racing with ideas after going thru this class.

16. How to Create & Sell Religious artwork
      Don't worry...this is not a controversial topic. I have found that there is a large market for this
      application. Whether you plan to enter it or are already making artwork or craftwork for religious  
      application, you are going to learn several methods to make yourself more profitable. At the same
      time you will be helping people on a higher level. This type of artwork should lift peoples' spirit.
      After studying this class you will understand this market alot clearer...

17. Public Works Art
     This class will teach you some of the ingredients and methods to get involved in this very
     lucrative field. This marketing method does take more time and effort, but once you get into
     it your name recognition and income could soar.

18. Composer or Hands On Artist   
      You are going to learn how to orchestrate a band of artisans :) This can be really fun. I know
      several artists who use this technique very successfully and profitably. Dale Chihuly being one of
      them. If you are not familiar with his work you can see it in museums all over the world, in the
      Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, in Atlantis in Nassau and other five star rated hotels around the world.
      Keep your eyes open as you go thru this class to see how you can become the orchestrator with
      your art. Have fun with it...isn't that what life's about?

19. Creating reproductions of other artwork in a different media
      This class will help spark your creative mind. Sometimes when you need a boost in creating a
      new line of work it is difficult to find a subject matter to work with. This class teaches how you
      can use other's designs to help you get going and give you your own line of work. This class can
      be applied to all media that you work in :)

20. Building a Huge Business Making Architectural Art
     If your work lends itself to this type of market you will love this class. Even if you produce smaller
     works of art this class will give you ideas on how to modify your work for architectural installations.

21. Art for Giftware
     This section of the course has launched more businesses for artists getting into retail work. In this
     class I teach you how to find profitable markets and how to sell to them. Once you know the
     ingredients and apply the recipe...success is yours! The gift market is HUGE! You might as well
     become part of it...I'll teach you how to do it smart ;)

22. Networking with Other Artists
     I especially like this section of the course for here you'll learn how to help yourself and
     other artists to sell more work. Being able to work together in a profitable manner will benefit
     all involved. There are artists in all types of media that could complement your type of artwork.
     This class will teach you how to benefit from this type of relationship. This is typically a very
     under-explored method for growing an art business. People are always concerned about
     competition. Well, learning how to work together for a mutual cause can bring in a lot of money
     when done right. This is what you learn in this class.

23. Collector Specials
      You will learn a method in this class to sell out all your work before you make one piece.
      This is so simple to do that once I reveal it you'll say "why didn't I think of that" :)  Use
      the technique taught in this class and you'll soon see your collectors will be calling you
      to get in early before your next piece sells out.

24. Online Sales - Creating a Fortune on the Internet
      This class is rather long and covers everything you need to get you on track selling on the internet.
      You are going to learn secret strategies that hardly any artist knows about. These techniques once
      implemented will explode your art business.

25. Build Your Business through E-Mails
     This class is worth its weight in gold...scratch that... the course is delivered digitally so it
     would weigh nothing :) Honestly, this particular class is an absolute gem! Once you discover
     the information in this class you will wonder why someone had not shown it to you before.
     It will literally make you thousands and thousands of dollars once you put it into your business plan.

26. Special “How Do I Do It” Demonstration
      This class is fun! You are going to learn how to make money having others learn from you. Hey,
      you are already creating and selling art, why not teach other artists or wanna-be artists how you
      do it? This is very easy to do once you know some basic steps.

27. “How to Book” on Producing Your Art
       I figured that I would share with you this great marketing strategy that has made me some good
       money. Hey, this is what this course is about! I figured out how to do something...sell art...and
       then created an information product around it. After going thru this class you can do something
       along those lines. You're already creating great work why not make some money teaching others
       how to do it as well? This strategy is great for bringing in extra money. Very easy to implement
       and you can put it together in your "down time"... that's if you have any ;) I love sharing information
       with people and if you do as well, I think you are going to enjoy this class.

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