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 How Often Do You Wonder...

      "Will I Ever Make a Living With My Art?"


"This Affordable Course Gives You All the Tools
You Need to Immediately Start Making
Good Money Selling Your Artwork,
No Matter What Type of Artist You Are"

Take a Moment to
Read This Letter...
Let Me Prove How Easy It Can Be For You to Start Selling Your Art or Craftwork Right Now!

First of all... Who am I?
And why should you listen to me?

My name is Steve Popkin and I’m a glass artist. I have been working with glass for many years. More than likely you've never heard of me nor seen any of my work and that's OK. Probably much like you,  I have always loved creating art. My dream as a child was to create great new "masterpieces" in drawings, paintings, jewelry, photography, clay, etc.

Well I don't think my work will ever end up in any museums nor in any history books :) But...none-the-less, the artist in me still exists and yearns to create.

Today, I consider my art to be above average, some even consider it to be pretty good, but I know there are lots of glass artists better than I am. Unfortunately, many of them struggle to make a living with their art no matter how beautiful it is.  I happen to make good money selling my work...not because I’m the greatest glass artist that ever lived nor because I enjoy "selling"...

        It's because I learned the secrets on how to make my art Desirable and Profitable...
                                                             and YOU CAN TOO!

After years of creating artwork & selling it for less than what it cost me to make... or even worse, giving it all away to family and friends...

3'x5' Mermaid Titled
"Under The Lillipads"
I Used 863 Pieces of
Glass on This One!

I figured if I was going to
sell my work I needed to Invest the Time, Money & Research to do it right and discover the secrets of how well-known artists made their name & living.

2.5'x3.5' Titled
"Little Mermaid"
I Created With 275 Pieces of Glass...

It took effort but I finally “Cracked Their Code"and figured out Exactly how they did it and...
I started doing it and making money!

My artist friends began questioning me what I was doing differently.
It wasn't long before I realized there was a great want & need for this knowledge.

I took everything I learned and organized it into
an easy to understand, step-by-step course
any artist or craftsman could simply apply and
become successful.

But before I tell you about my course...

First ask yourself these questions to see if this course is for you:

  • Do you want to sell more of your art or craftwork at higher prices so you can spend
    your time creating quality work rather than feeling you have to "mass" produce your
    art in order to make a living...  but don't know how?

  • Do you need a proven easy to use plan to get your art or craft business going... but you feel intimidated and don't know where to start?

  • Would you like to have name recognition and have customers calling you... but don't
    know where to begin?

  • Do you want to turn your passion for art into a very profitable part-time or
    full-time business... but don't know how to do it?

  • Do you want to have all of the above without a huge amount of effort or becoming a "pushy salesperson" or an expert in marketing... but don't have a clue how to?

  • Want to know how to get started in an easy step-by-step manner... but didn't know where to find this information?

If your answers were "YES!" and of course I know they were ;), then you've come to the right place!

Let's be honest...You & I both know there's much more to earning a living as an artist than just
creating great art. Like it or not, you need to know how to sell it.

In fact, making the art is the enjoyable part. But creating great art alone is not going to pay the bills.
The problem is that it costs money to live and being a "starving artist" just doesn't cut it.

It doesn't even matter if you just want to have a part time business making and
equipment cost money. You need to make more than you spend...

Learning how to sell your work is something you probably never thought you would need to learn
or wanted to. Like me, you probably don't even like selling. I know when I started out I really
didn't put much thought into it.

I bought lots of equipment and supplies and setup my studio. I loved it! I was finally doing what I always wanted. When I set up my studio the last thing I had on my mind was selling my work. I just wanted to create and "play". I wanted to be an artist not an art salesman. Know the feeling?

Soon I realized that I needed to sell my work if I was going to continue to make it. Giving it away free
to family and friends wasn't going to pay for more materials, tools, electric, etc. Know what I mean?

Today, I now have the lifestyle most artists want...

  • When I exhibit at a weekend show, I know that I’ll leave with thousands of dollars in my pocket!  Guaranteed. (The techniques I teach you in the course will do exactly the same for you)

  • If I need some “quick cash,” I simply send an e-mail to my database of clients. Within days—sometimes even hours—I’ll have orders pouring in! (Easy to set up once you know how!)
  • Before I even create a piece, I already have buyers for it...because I’ve done a little simple research. (In the course I show you how to find these people over and over again)
  • I can turn my part-time art hobby into a full-time venture...and not worry about where the money is coming from. (After going thru the course you are empowered to decide how little or how much you want to make with your artwork, that would be nice wouldn't it?)
  • I can take time off...and travel around the country, showing my art without wondering if I’ll be able to sell enough to make it worthwhile. (This sounds like about to you?)
  • I can focus on doing what I love—creating art—instead of wondering if I’ll be able to make any money with it. (Imagine what it feels like knowing that everything you make will sell)

All I did was create a system...a sequence of easy-to-follow steps...that works 100% of the time. It changed my life as an artist...and I know and want it to work for you as well.
                           Click HERE To See A List Of All 27 Sections

You may be thinking that this sounds too good to be true... and you may not believe it can work for
you... but I laid out the course in such an easy to implement way that it WILL be simple for you!

Here are a few of the many e-mails that I receive daily from artists who have already ordered my course:

Many thanks. Yes, I am really enjoying the course and taking plenty of notes. It
has already provided me with lots of ideas. I especially like the multi-format, computer and audio CDs plus written transcript. It enables me to pick up and
study wherever I am if I have spare time. Traffic jams are plentiful in Manchester,
UK but not aggravating any more!    All the best,
                                                                                            Theresa Evans

I was very skeptical about the program as I thought it was a get rich scheme for
the originator or information that I would not actually take advantage of like so
many other programs I have tried. But Steve impressed me in the classes. I have viewed 3 of the series so far and the info and the way it is presented is
excellent - top notch.  I have gleaned from the classes several things that I will incorporate into my business. Then Steve even called me and talked to me in person!!! He really means what he says -- He cares and wants to help others succeed!!!
                                                                                             Kevin M.

Hi Steve! My wife and I are photographers and have your course already.
THE INFORMATION IS SECOND TO NONE. We both want to thank you
for putting it together in such a way that other artists can afford it too.
Thank you again. And may God bless you and yours.
P.S Can't wait to get to the next class!
                                                                                         Keith and Nicky Sharp

Steve, your marketing strategies are great. I knew I wanted the course the
day I discovered your site, but it was really fascinating to get your e mails
and observe your strategies to get me to order. The guilt and anger thing
combined with the discount did the trick for me. I was "this close" to
telling you "no way", but I knew you were actually right.  I'm glad I went
with my gut and ordered the course! Thanks,
                                                                                       Larry Lemons

It took me years to create, perfect, and test this system. That was the hard part...finding out what worked and what didn’t. Thank goodness, that part’s over. You won't have to go thru this for I already did it for you.

Now all you have to do is follow the system...and you can make more money in a weekend  than most artists do in an entire year!

Selling Your Art Is

NOT Difficult Or Complicated...

Once You Have My Simple

System To Follow!

Once you learn these simple marketing concepts, you will be shocked at how easy it is to start turning your art into dollars. This is how "Well-Known" Artists have been doing it for years!

Almost overnight, you will go from selling a few selling everything you make and taking
orders for more!

An artist who recently invested in the course just sent this in...

I've listened to all but the last CD in your course and just want to say thanks for
all the work you put into it! It's an amazing course!! I now have an overview of
the subject and am starting to think the way you do, such as sending a small
token to the person who gave me permission to take a lot of photos in an
otherwise awkward place to take pix and doing a painting from one of them
which sold for more money than I've gotten in the last year for my work!! Also writing a thank you note to the purchaser of that painting and on and  on...
                                                              Thanks again!!
                                                                                          Katherine S.

You learn in my course:

  • How to easily...quickly...and profitably use the Internet to sell your art! (I cover this in detail in the course and by the time you're thru with this section you'll know exactly how to fix your website to make it a money maker)
  • How to quickly attract a following...and build name recognition. (Very easy to do once you learn my strategy in developing collectors for your work)
  • How to get customers to start calling you...instead of you constantly trying to get their attention! (I teach you how to do this step by step throughout the entire course)

Selling your art won’t be hard becomes easy & fun!

And even though creating art isn’t about the sure takes the pressure off to know that you can sell your pieces anytime you want to for what you want to!

Would You Like To Know
Exactly How To Go From
Where You Are Today...
To Where You Really Want To Be?

I know you do! I want to show you how to turn your art or craftwork into much
money as you want...without  having to spend years of costly "trial-and-error." And you're going to
learn how to do it for a bargain :)

Every single secret...technique...shortcut and strategy I've learned in the past 15 years is yours in my
new course called "How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out".  Here are some other comments
from artists after they invested and received the course...

"I have researched a lot of art marketing classes on the internet before coming across The Thriving Artist. After only the first 2 classes I can tell that it was
money very well spent. The information learned so far has answered a lot of questions that I have been struggling with in my art career. I am thankful that
I found this program!"                                          Thanks so much!!
                                                                                   Karyn Baines

Thanks!! This is so COOL and the information is the best ever!

                                                                                        Dennis Moody

I'm on CD #8 now, and so far I've learned so many valuable things. The advice
on shows and niche markets has been very useful.  There's a lot of tidbits
here and there that I can pull out that are really helping solidify my plan.
I just got into a major gallery in Santa Fe over the weekend too, which is a
nice spoke in the wheel! Thanks!
                                                                                        Mark Cooper

You asked me to give you my opinion on your presentative business
works...I will say to you, I believe you to be a genius! One day I'm gonna
buy you a brand new deep violet colored Corvette (if you already have
one...then you'll have two)
                                                                                            John Piper

(I do appreciate John's offer for the new Corvette, but quite honestly, I would prefer it in a different color... maybe red or black ;) but I do appreciate the offer none-the-less.)

After talking to lots of artists and crafts people who joined my online audio newsletter, I've come to realize that artists need & want my advance course but they told me that they just didn't have the finances right now to get it.  I've heard time and time again that times are tough...and I agree!

That's why I decided to go the extra mile and make it more than affordable for every artist to own. And that's what I plan to do!

I'm about to give you an irresistible offer for my course that will take away any and every reason you may have for not investing in it right now!

Getting your hands on this information is like having me be your personal mentor...showing you exactly how to go from where you are right now to exactly where you want to be!  (By the way, I even send
you my personal cell phone number should you have any questions you need answered while going
thru the course.)

Thanks so much Steve! You and your course are helping me immeasurably. Your ideas as to marketing are helping me grow not just as an artist but as a business man. Making art and making money from my art has always been my goal. Unfortunately it is too easy for an artist in modern society to lose focus and get stranded on a marketing desert island. All the tools and wisdom you have put into the course are not only the life raft to get off this island but keys to abundance.
This course is precisely what I needed at this point in my career as an artist.
                                                                                                   Thanks again,
                                                                                                   Scott Cahaly

I’ve purchased Steve Popkin’s “How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out” The Advance Course, & at this stage am about one third through the course. I’ve
found the course extremely useful. The course is full of insights & easy to use techniques. I’ve realized how little I knew & how many practical strategies & considerations there are to being a financially thriving artist.
                                                                                                  Thanks Steve!
                                                                                                  Peter Chung

I am so glad I invested in your course! I've been preparing for a really long time
to become a professional artist. With your course providing the structure I
believe it's now possible. Thank you for including me!
                                                                                                 Mia Dewit

   And Now Here's The Offer I Promised You!!
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This IS a Time Sensitive Offer

The ENTIRE course downloaded right to your computer's desktop for only $97!

After you place your order below you will instantly be sent an email with links for ALL the classes, remember there is a total of 27 sections to the course with over 13 1/2 hours of material.

The course is broken down in easy to digest sections which you can take your time going thru and learn one at a time. Each section teaches a technique for selling your artwork that is a money maker on its own.

Everything you'll need to start making more money—as soon as next weekend—is here in this package.'s yours for a fraction of what you might expect something like this to cost!

Why am I doing this?? Simple...I want you to have it!! If you don't believe me at this point you might as well leave now... maybe it's just not for you.

I want you to succeed and I know by giving the course away at this low price you have absolutely no reason not to buy it...

There you have it, the whole course delivered to your computer without having to wait for
the mail man!

But wait there's more!

I'm Also Going to Throw In Over
$560 Worth Of FREE Bonuses...

FREE Bonus #1:
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Steve Interviews the "Experts"
Monthly Interviews with the Movers and Shakers in the Art field:

Every month you will receive a special interview with people that are making things happen in the art and craft community. Steve asks in-depth questions to experts in Art Shows, Internet Marketing, Art Galleries, Well-Known Successful Artists and others who share their insights on how to turn your art into profits. These interviews will be delivered every month right to your email so you can listen to them right over the internet or download them to your computer to listen at your convenience. The content shared in these interviews is worth
more than the entire price of my advance course!

FREE Bonus #2:
($24.95 value)

"Think & Grow Rich!" E-Book
The Classic by Napolean Hill.

This book is Awesome, It will change your life! Best-selling author Napoleon Hill teaches you the 17 success principles used by the great success stories of the early 20th century. Napoleon Hill interviewed with William Wrigley, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie and 500 others. He shares with you the secrets that helped all of these great leaders rise to the top in their respected industries. Many of today's top achievers credit Napoleon Hill's work as being the blueprint for their success.

FREE Bonus #3:
($99.00 value)
Access to my personal Resource Website containing $99.00
worth of all my important contact information that I use daily.

A wealth of information on who to contact. This info is very helpful when applying the information in the advance course, so you can grow your income even more. I will share with you my lists & contact info for Art Publications, Fundraising for Artists, Public Art Agencies, Regional Art Agencies, contacts to help you find buyers for your art, State Departments of Revenue (applying for resale tax numbers), Artists & the Law contacts (great for finding out about copyrighting your work), Commission contacts, Magazines that feature artists, Corporate Artwork – Curators, Art Festivals, Government opportunities to sell your artwork, Website resources, State Art Associations, Art Colonies and Artist-In-Residence Programs Publications, Apprenticeships and Internships Publications & much more!

FREE Bonus #4:
($49.95 value)
"Grant Secrets" E-Book.

This 186 page book is great if you are considering applying for art grants. This book shares with you everything you need to know when entering the grant arena. Avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that many people make when applying for grants. Doing artwork for government agencies or applying for government or corporate money can be complicated if you don't know what you are doing. This book will help simplify the process for you.

FREE Bonus #5:
($150.00 value)

My personal phone number & email address, so I can help you succeed.

I am here to help you on your path to success! I really enjoy sharing this system with other artists and helping people earn an income as an artist. You will have personal access to me. This bonus includes a 1/2 hour one-on-one consultation to help you go over your marketing efforts. I want to see you live your dreams as an artist.

*This bonus is only available for a limited time. Act now.




After you place your order below you will instantly be sent an email with links for ALL the classes, remember there is a total of 27 sections to the course with over 13 1/2 hours of material. Don't worry it won't take up much room on your computer. We packaged it efficiently.

The course is broken down in easy to digest sections which you can take your time going thru and learn one at a time. Each section teaches a technique for selling your artwork that is a money maker on its own.

Everything you'll need to start making more money—as soon as next weekend—is here in this package.'s yours for a fraction of what you might expect something like this to cost!

Why am I doing this?? Simple...I want you to have it!! If you don't believe me at this point you might as well leave now... maybe it's just not for you.

I want you to succeed and I know by giving the course away at this low price you have absolutely no reason not to buy it...

There you have it, the whole course delivered to your computer without having to wait for the mail man!  You have absolutely nothing to lose, I want you to be 100% satisfied and I will work with you personally if I have to until you are :) I only require that you let me know which strategies didn't work for you, and how you used them. I want you to be completely happy with my course.

Getting your hands on this information is like having me be your personal mentor...showing you
exactly how to go from where you are right now to exactly where you want to be!  (By the way, I even send you my personal cell phone number should you have any questions you need answered while going through the course.)   

Your email address will NEVER be rented, traded or sold.
We hate spam just as
much as you do.

Put my course to the test. By implementing my techniques I guarantee you will be thanking me
time and again for making this course available.

Order "How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out" immediately by simply clicking on the
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Not Ready To Get Your Hands On This Yet?

No Problem. Take A "Sneak Peak" At What I've Packed Into This Course!

I’ll Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Pricing Strategies. What To Do...And What NOT To Do!

I’m going to start by showing you exactly how to price your work.

You’ll know when to use low-priced, starter pieces...and when to move up to higher-priced art.

  • Is there a time and place to create and sell items under $50.00? Absolutely! But make certain that you do this one thing anytime you sell a low-priced piece.
  • When a customer takes a $50.00 piece home, do you know what they’re thinking? If you do—and you’ve already talked to them about it—you’re one step closer to more purchases down the road. But if you ignore this...then all you’ve done is sell a $50.00 art piece to a customer you’ll probably never see again!
  • What’s the mindset of a customer who looks for low-priced pieces? There are 4 occasions when people are looking for entry-level art pieces. If you know these times, you can strike when the iron is hot...capture entry-level sales...and turn those purchasers into lifetime, repeat-order clients!
  • Moving from low-priced art to more expensive pieces is simple...once you understand the two questions every potential buyer asks themselves before they commit to a purchase. Answer these questions correctly...and the sale is yours! Ignore these questions—or give the wrong answer—and you probably won’t make the sale.
  • Want to learn a few simple “triggers” that you can add to a mid-priced art piece to tip the scales in your favor dramatically...and turn a “maybe” into an “I’ll take it!” almost like magic? I’ll show you what they are...and you’ll be amazed at how well they work!
  • When you want to sell more expensive art ($600 and up), you need to look for the “right” people...and make sure that it’s the “right” time for them. You’ll know how to prepare customers to buy high-end art...and to spot the one time when they have the most cash available to purchase your art.

When you’ve finished this’ll never again under-price your work. You’ll know when—and where—to bring out the different price-points to maximize the overall value of your art in the marketplace.

But pricing is only the start...

I’m Also Going To Help You Decide Whether To Focus On One-Of-A-Kind Art, Production Work... Or A Combination Of Both!

Do you know why some artists focus exclusively on one-of-a-kind work...and others only do production work? There are advantages—and disadvantages—to both. If you understand them up front, you’ll be able to make a much better decision.

Plus, you’ll avoid the one single thing that every artist fears like the plague...burnout! Becoming “burned-out” or bored with your work not only costs you can have serious health and emotional consequences as well.

I’ll show you a few simple techniques that will help you produce the right kind of art for your personality...and give you the highest return on your time!

  • You’ll learn all about outsourcing. I’ll show you what to have someone else do for you...and what to NEVER let anyone else touch at any cost!
  • Is your studio set up for the kind of work you want to do? You’ll learn some simple tactics to make your work easier...more fun...and less stressful.
  • Plus, I’ll share a handful of common mistakes many artists make in their studio that cost them time and money. Avoid these at all costs!
  • You’ll learn some simple strategies that successful artists use to turn “production” pieces into more expensive, individualized pieces that can add 10%-18% to the final selling price.

Here is another one of the many testimonials I have received about this course:

For over 27 years I've been trying unsuccessfully to expose my art to the
masses.  After purchasing your advanced course, I now realize why my
attempts have fallen short. I strongly urge any artist who is serious about
earning a living at their craft to invest in this knowledge. Thanks Steve for
your sincere and honest approach.
                                                                             Gratefully yours,
                                                                              James Watson

This Is The Information I Wish I Knew When I Was Just Starting Out...Or Even After I Had Spent 10 Years As An Artist!

Frankly, I wish someone else would have put this course together. That way, I could have used it to "jump start" my part-time art career a LONG time ago.

But there wasn't anything like this back then. And, to the best of my knowledge, there STILL isn't anything like this out there!

I’m giving you a complete roadmap based on 30 years of “learning the ropes” in the school of hard knocks.

Now, if you’re already as successful as you ever want to be...honestly, this course probably isn’t for you. I congratulate you on your accomplishments, and wish you nothing but the best in the future.

But if you’ve got that gnawing feeling deep down inside that there’s more for you, let me show you what’s possible.

There’s a wonderful world that opens up to you when you reach your potential as an artist. recognition... enough money to reach your goals...everything.

I know. I’m there. I’m living the “artist lifestyle” I always knew was possible. And you can, too.

The world is waiting for you to come out of the impact more and more people with your art.

Let Me Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Galleries And Weekend Art Shows!

Galleries. It’s what every artist dreams of.

I’m going to tell you the raw, unvarnished truth about galleries. The good...the bad...and the ugly.

Galleries can be a great place for you to show and sell your art. But the key word is “can.” If you know how to approach a gallery, you stand a much better chance of getting in than if you don’t.

I’ll show you the wrong way—and the right way—to approach a gallery.

I’ll also tell you what to do first...on your increase the chances of making your gallery experience a successful—and profitable—one.

And then there are the Weekend Art Shows. I sell a LOT of my art at weekend art shows. (But it wasn’t always that way!)

  • I’ll give you a checklist of 7 things that you MUST do before ever exhibiting at a weekend art show!
  • You’ll learn a common mistake many artists make at weekend shows that costs them big time in lost sales!
  • What you can learn from people who don’t buy...and how keeping your eyes—and ears—open at an art show can give you a TON of “market research” that 90% of your peers will be totally oblivious to! I’ll show you exactly what to look for...and where to find it!
  • Do you know the single most important thing you can do once you get home from a show? Most artists don’t. (If you miss this, you’re making a HUGE mistake!)
  • Who’s walking by your booth? You’d be shocked to find out the kind of people who attend art shows. Make this one little shift in the way you think...and get ready to see some “magic” happen!
  • Do you know the absolute worst thing you can ever do at an art show? I’ll tell you! (You’d think this blunder would be obvious...but I’m amazed at how many artists still commit this horrible mistake!)
  • I’ll tell you about the one reference book you must check out before ever exhibiting in a city you’re not familiar with. This little-known resource will tell you exactly what customers in that area are looking for. Armed with this information, you can easily double or triple the sales you’ll make when you’re exhibiting for the first time in an unfamiliar city!
  • And you’ll learn the single most important thing you can do at any weekend show. (It’s NOT what you think...and sadly, it’s not what most artists do, either!)

Want To Get Rich In Niche Markets?

There are thousands of little (and not-so-little) niche markets out there today. Car collectors...sports enthusiasts...different name it.

People involved in a specific hobby, profession or leisure time activity tend to be fanatical about “their” niche. They want everything around them to tell the world what they’re “into.”

And art is no exception. If you can find a niche that’s passionate about their activity, you can easily become the “recognized art authority” for that niche.

I’ll show you exactly where to find these lucrative niche markets...and how to approach them.

You’ll learn how to get in their “inner circle”...and get your name known with key influencers who can endorse you to hundreds—or even thousands—of potential customers.

Are you starting to see just how much you’re going to learn when you take advantage of the system I’ve created?

It Doesn’t Matter Whether Your Art Is Painting... Photography...Drawings...Glass...Pottery... Metal...Beads... Or Anything Else You Can Imagine, You’re Going To Learn How To Get More Of Your Art Where It Belongs...

In The Hands Of People Who Appreciate It...

And Are Willing To Pay You For It!

That’s what it’s really all about, isn’t it?

After all, it doesn’t matter if you’re the next van Gogh, Renoir or Michelangelo...if you can’t get your work in the hands of people who will appreciate it for the beauty it is, everyone loses.

  • Your potential customers lose...because they’ll never learn about you.
  • The world loses...because your art remains hidden.
  • And you lose...because you weren’t able to make a decent living.

Let’s be honest here.

If you’re ever going to live the lifestyle you deserve, you’ll need to make enough money with your art to support that lifestyle.

It would be great if we could all simply stay in our studios...create breathtakingly-beautiful pieces of art...and the world would beat a path to our doors, cash in hand, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. That’s the bad news.

The GOOD NEWS is that...

There IS A Simple System To Selling Your Art For Maximum Profit.

Once You Learn This System, You’ll Never Again Be Without A Steady Stream Of Customers...Standing In Line...Cash In Hand...Practically Begging You To Sell Them Your Artwork!

How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out isn't a collection of CDs and paper.

It's your ticket to the lifestyle you deserve.

Secure No-Risk Acceptance Form

Yes Steve! I'm ready to download my copy of
"How to Sell Your Art Without Selling Out"
for the special introductory price of only $247.00  $97.00. This is a one time investment for the entire downloadable version.

I understand that, once my order is authorized, you will process my order promptly and I will be receiving my downloadable sections of the course within minutes.

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Still Not Ready To Get Your Hands On This?

Take a look at what else you'll learn when you get your hands on this course!

You’ll Learn Everything You Need To Know About Commission Work, Creating Series And Themework

  • Do you know where to find the easiest source of commission work? I’ll reveal exactly where you should look.
  • Do you know the artistic trade-offs that come along with commission work? Commission work can sometimes be tricky...but once I show you the questions you should be asking up-front, you’ll never find yourself in a situation you wish would never have happened in the first place!
  • I’ll tell you the one thing you must do on any commission work project to avoid becoming known as a “discount custom artist!”
  • Do you know how to read the subtle “buying signs” that tell you it’s time to create a series? (You will once you get this course in your hands! Plus, you’ll know when NOT to start a series!)
  • I’ll teach you everything you need to have in place before starting a series to make sure that it doesn’t become a burden to you halfway through the project!
  • Want to know how to create “buzz” about your series? I’ll tell you exactly how to create it...fuel it...and sustain it so your series commands the highest price possible!
  • You’ll also know when it’s time to move into themework. How to choose an area that will fit your style to research your theme...and how to position your themework as something extremely desirable to collect.
  • Plus, I’ll teach you how to use advertising and press releases to get the word out about your themework. (Don’t’s not as hard as you might think!)

You’ll also learn...

How To Turn Special Events And Holidays Into Cash In Your Pocket!

Holidays...Special Events...Personal Celebrations. What do all these have in common?

They’re all times when people are eager to spend money on art!

If you prepare for these extremely profitable—but very short—selling cycles, you can sell a lot of art with very little effort. But you’ve got to know a few simple guidelines.

  • I’ll show you the specific times in your customer’s lives when they’re eager to spend money on art. Once you know these, you can almost effortlessly sell them pieces designed especially for those occasions.
  • You’ll also know what kind of art sells best during different times of the year.
  • How far in advance should you plan for “seasonal” art? I’ll show you’ll never get caught preparing too late, and totally miss out on your window of opportunity.
  • I’ll share my personal system for designing a customer database that maximizes the opportunities for selling art to your customers at just the perfect time.
  • Plus, you’ll see how simple little bonuses can drive up the number of orders you’ll receive by 40%--or more!

Want to do religious art? It can be extremely successful—and profitable—if you know how to approach it the right way.

  • I’ll show you how to get into churches, synagogues and religious bookstores.
  • You’ll find out what the best times are to approach a religious organization about some art.
  • You’ll learn what the single most wanted piece of art is for any congregation...and how you can work with committees and boards successfully.
  • Plus, you’ll know if—and when—the time is right to use Sunday morning TV as a vehicle to market your art. This time slot is obviously expensive, but it can pay off big time...if it’s right for you!

By now, I’m sure you see how this course is going to take you from where you are now (wherever that is!) and easily move to the next level.

  • If you’re just starting out, you can skip the costly “trial-and-error” learning curve...and fast-forward your art career. If quitting your day job is your goal, this course will get you there a whole lot faster.
  • But maybe you’re already doing art as a full-time business. If that’s the case, I’m going to show you new opportunities that you’ve never seen before. Opportunities that can mean major advances in your career...and big gains in your income.
  • If your art career has hit a plateau, there are a ton of strategies in this course that will give it the kick-start it needs to get back on track.

Wherever you are in your career, there’s something here for you. I guarantee it.

Imagine—just for one minute—what your art career could be like 12 months from now, if you apply even 10% of what I’m prepared to teach you.

  • You’re selling more art than ever before...maybe a LOT more than before.
  • The fun has come back. You’ve got more enthusiasm...a renewed vision for the future...and your mind is spinning with the possibilities!
  • Maybe you’ve even quit your day job...or been able to travel to more art shows, even several states away.
  • Your customer base is growing—every week—and they’re telling other people about your artwork.
  • Perhaps you’ve even collected some more awards.
  • There’s a new freedom that you’re experiencing. Freedom to live the “artist lifestyle” you always knew was possible.
  • And last—but definitely not least—your bank balance is telling you that people are putting more value on your art than ever before.

That’s what you deserve, isn’t it?


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Still Not Convinced?

OK...Want To Know How To Sell Your Art To Uncle Sam?

There’s a rich uncle—Uncle Sam—who buys art all the time. And it’s usually not $50.00 pieces, either!

Selling your art to the local, state and federal government is NOT as easy as selling at a weekend art show...but it IS possible.

Timelines are long...the formalities can be intimidating...but budgets are usually very high.

I’ll show you exactly where to start looking, and how to get your foot in the door. I’ll also tell you what they’re looking you can start preparing yourself now for work like this in the future!

Selling to the government isn’t for everyone...and there is definitely red tape to deal with. So maybe you want to leave this option to someone else.

No problem.

How about architectural art? Flooring...wall décor...ceilings. Murals...pools...landscape work.

This is a HUGE market with opportunities for almost any kind of artist. I’ll show you where to start researching this market...and how to break into it, if that’s your passion.

Plus, I cover how to create art for to network with other artists...and a ton more.

But one of my favorite subjects is...

Where To Find Thousands Of Works Of Art In The Public Domain...And How To Use Them To Build Your Art Career!

Did you know that there’s a massive collection of art, already in existence, that you can use as inspiration for your own pieces?

It’s called the Public Domain...and if you know how to use it, you’ll be amazed at how it can springboard your career!

I’m not talking about being a “copycat” artist...or blatantly ripping off other people’s art. What I am talking about is using art already in the Public Domain as inspiration for your own pieces.

You’ll find out where to look for this to make sure that you’re not infringing on anyone’s copyright... and how to position your interpretations of Public Domain art as unique, collectable pieces.

If you’ve never explored this option, you’re missing out on some incredible opportunities. I’ll show you everything you need to learn.

Finally, I’m going to show you exactly, step-by-step...

How To Use The Internet To Absolutely Explode Your Art Business Like You Never Imagined Possible!

Have you ever wondered how to use the Internet as a marketing tool?

What about eBay...or online art sites...or e-mail marketing?

Whether you’re a newbie...or you’ve been online for years...I’m going to show you some extremely interesting—and profitable—ways to use the Internet to grow your art business as large as you want to make it!

I’m going to explain—in non-technical terms—exactly how to use the awesome power of the Internet.

  • We’ll start with eBay. It’s the worlds largest marketplace. Millions of dollars change hands over eBay on a daily basis. But most people (especially artists) have no clue exactly how powerful eBay is.
  • I’ll show you the best way to use eBay. (It’s not what you think!) Plus, I’ll show you why eBay can be your best friend when your pieces aren’t selling as well offline as you thought they should.
  • You’ll learn what to do before...during...and after selling something on eBay. The things you MUST do...and the things you need to avoid at all costs!
  • I’ll also cover art gallery websites...and reveal the “dirty little secrets” most of them hope you never find out.
  • You’ll also learn what it takes to put up your own virtual showcase in cyberspace. How to create to maintain it...and how to promote it.
  • I’ll tell you the single most important thing your website MUST do if you ever want it to be successful. Plus, I’ll reveal how to follow-up with customers and prospects automatically so you can spend more of your time doing what you do best...creating art!

If you’re not using E-mail to build your business, you’re missing out on the best friend any artist could ever hope to have. I’ll explain exactly why E-mail is a “must-have” part of your overall art marketing strategy.

And I’ll show you how to do it right, so your customers and prospects actually open—and read—your E-mails. You’ll know how to create compelling E-mails that will get read, even if you’ve never written one before in your life!

By the time you’ve finished learning how to use the Net to grow you’re business, you’ll have completed 95% of my system. You’ll also be ahead of 95% of all the other artists working today.

You’ll have an advantage so powerful that it’s going to absolutely revolutionize your art career.

Are You Finally Ready To Take The Next Step? Are You Ready To Create The Lifestyle You’ve Always Wanted?

If You Keep On Doing What You’ve Always Done...You’ll Keep On Getting The Same Results You’ve Always Had!

Is That Enough?

If it isn’t...why not make the decision right now to make a change?


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I know your life as an artist is going to change the very day you get this course in your hands.

How much it will change is up to you. You’ll have to tools to accomplish anything you want!

Who knows? Maybe sometime soon we’ll meet at an art show...and I can hear your story in person.

Nothing would please me more.

Your friend and fellow artist,

Steve Popkin

P.S. I don't know how long I will be offering the course at this special price.  I can't guarantee you that it will ever be offered at this price again so get it now before I change my mind and put it back to its original introductory price. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

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