Steve Popkin of
The Thriving Artist
Kurt Irmiter, Owner of
Festival Network Online

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     In this 42 minute interview, Steve asks Kurt Irmiter
     about how an artist would use the internet to find,
     as well as research, upcoming Art & Craft shows
     throughout the USA.

     Kurt owns one of the Internet's largest websites
     dedicated to providing Artists with hard to find
     information on the Art Show marketplace. His site
     has over 40,000 active users who not only use but        
     contribute to keep all the information fresh and
     up-to-date. Here are just a few of the topics that are  
     covered in this information packed interview: 

  • How he came to build one of the internet's largest databases of upcoming Art shows & Festivals

  • The best way to search his site to plan your upcoming
    Art Show schedule, and which ones are best to attend

  • What you absolutely need to do at any show you
    exhibit your artwork

  • Common mistakes Artists make when setting up their
    websites and how to avoid them

  • Insights on how to improve your website to improve
    your visitors' experience

  Before listening to the interview...
Kurt's contact information for your reference:
Kurt Irmiter
Festival Network Online
Find craft shows & art festivals nationwide

Phone: 1.800.200.3737


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